Earth Day


Everyday I'm aware of the grandeur that is Earth. The only thing we know for sure, is that we are part of this amazing and elaborate creation.
How lucky are we, to witness and experience this perspective of life.

Happy Earth Day! Today, and everyday...

Love. Explore. Respect.

Fall photo-shoot!

Change and color is all around us this time of year. If you are in the Bozeman area and have been waiting to capture a special moment, this is a great time!
This special only runs through October!
Contact me to book your photo session!

my first aurora...

It's almost 4am, and I just came back from shooting a few pictures that show the Northern Lights, aurora, seen from Bridger Canyon, looking north. 

Above is my favorite image, of my short 30 minute shoot...
This is the closest I have been to these lights; which I've always wanted to see for myself. Though, I'm somewhat disappointed, because I had no idea this was going to be possible tonight until literally 10 minutes before I grabbed my camera and tripod and ran out the door. 
I wish I would have been prepared and not so tired... I was about to go to bed.

Due to my sleepy eyes, some are a bit blurry... but I'm happy I captured a glimpse of this phenomenon. 

The silhouette of Bridger Bowl being grazed by clouds illuminated by the night sky.

I didn't have to go far for these... but I hope to be better prepared next time, and be well rested, and ideally camping somewhere dark.

I couldn't see these incredible colors with the naked eye, only after each exposure I would discover the colorful sky on the camera screen. Probably because I wasn't out there long enough to adjust my eyes completely. I could see the sky illuminated by a faint grey glow... which sometimes I thought it moved... but my eyes were(are) tired. 

Goodnight :)